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right seeing the size of font

Why do text post not post from my phone aaahh

So today in a workshop we played a game where you had to say something you liked and if someone else liked it they had to stand up
And my friend said ‘who likes the Spanish version of Les Mis’ and obviously I stood up and then the guy doing it was like ‘I can’t think of anything worse’ and then I started going on about how great it was and how it wasn’t translated it was adapted and I started hysterically laughing and I started crying (not even joking) and another girl hugged me BUT SOMEONE ELSE SAID THEY WOULD LISTEN TO IT NOW HURAY

Real life people taking notice of my interests oh yes
Also I got cast as Mother Superior

And it’s happened!
Lost Internet on my laptop, I do still have my phone
But there’s no way I’m going anywhere near Tumblr without saviour right now

Finding Nemo the musical is a thing
A beautiful thing